Keeping up with a changing customer base is an ongoing challenge for organizations. And innovative strategic planning is the key to maintaining a competitive advantage. Recently, CIOs have been turning to a combination of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) strategies to stay competitive, differentiate themselves and provide a great customer experience. A SMAC strategy also gives organizations the ability to be more collaborative, connective and operate in real-time.

But can organizations realistically manage this convergence of technologies such that it doesn’t disrupt their current IT systems or business models? How can these new technologies be assimilated into existing business/IT processes and culture to allow organizations to be transformed by the benefits of SMAC?

An upcoming issue of Cutter IT Journal with Guest Editor Vince Kellen will address the benefits, challenges and implications of using SMAC as a technology approach to drive growth and productivity.

Topics may include (but are not limited to the following) with regard to adopting a SMAC model for strategic planning:

* What are the most interesting and promising parts of SMAC emerging?
* What are the opportunities and/or pitfalls?
* What kind of technical expertise will be needed to support this type of initiative?
* How does the enterprise architecture discipline need to change to address SMAC opportunities?
* What operational changes should an organization make accommodations for?
* How can an API platform support the integration of SMAC?
* What challenges do enterprise IT groups face in implementing SMAC?
* What cultural roadblocks exist and how can these be overcome?

SEND US YOUR ARTICLE IDEA by 14 December 2012
Please respond to Vince Kellen, vkellen[at]cutter[dot]com, with a copy to itjournal[at]cutter[dot]com, no later than 14 December and include an extended abstract and a short article outline showing major discussion points.

Accepted articles are due by 18 January 2013.

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Christine Generali

Christine Generali is a Group Publisher for Cutter Consortium - responsible for the editorial direction and content management of Cutter's flagship publication, Cutter IT Journal.


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