The Cutter Summit program includes a mix of keynotes with accompanying panel sessions, case studies, interactive exercises, roundtable discussions, lightning talks, half-day immersion workshops and seminars, and many, many networking opps. The other day I wrote about the keynote and case study that will take place of the first day, Nov 4, of this Fall’s Summit. Today I’ll highlight the “main events” for the second day. (Watch for another post on roundtables and lightning talks.)

Israel Gat will kick off the morning, keynoting on the impending explosion of the API economy. Israel is well-known for his expertise on Agile and software/product development governance supported by technical debt assessment and valuation, but he actually spends much of his time studying the intersection of social, mobile, and cloud. And what he sees is that companies are going to make lots and lots of money by connecting their pipes to others’ via APIs. One byproduct is that companies will need to revise their Agile processes. On Tuesday morning, he’ll divulge why and how.

After lunch, Cutter Fellow, Prof. Michael Roberto will lead interactive leadership exercises for leaders of all kinds! Exactly what those exercises are will be our secret, but I will tell you that they’re designed to give you insight and perspective on your own leadership skills and potential.

Teaming Exercise at Summit 2012: Executive Education+, led by Cutter Fellow Alan MacCormack

Teaming Exercise at Summit 2012: Executive Education+, led by Cutter Fellow Alan MacCormack

Lou Mazzucchelli, another Cutter Fellow, follows Michael Roberto with a keynote on Emerging Technologies. This isn’t the first time Lou’s keynoted at the Summit. In fact, at Summit 2006 he also spoke on emerging technologies. Listening to what he had to say back then might give you some insight into the direction he’ll take this session in November. But, knowing Lou as I do, I think it’s more likely he’ll completely surprise us all with his twist on the topic. Either way, you’re sure to get some sound advice about Digging for Gold in the Emerging Technology Pile of Hype.

Wednesday at the Summit (Nov. 6) is dedicated to half-day immersion sessions. I’ll reveal more on those later! Or take a look now.


Anne Mullaney

Anne Mullaney oversees Cutter's marketing and product development activities and in-house editorial/research teams. She has more than 25 years experience in the high-tech publishing business.


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