Johanna Rothman


Johanna Rothman is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Agile Product & Project Management practice. She has a proven track record of working with development organizations to enable them to deliver products on time, under budget, with the right features, and without bugs. Read more ...


Every year, we hear about a shortage of talent. Many people label it a “war for talent.” Well, this war has been going on for decades, with no end in sight. Is it really a war? No. And there’s data to back me up. Back in August, Cutter Fellow Robert Charette published “The Stem Crisis Is a Myth” in IEEE Spectrum. He published the data I have seen for years in my clients. We do have problems hiring people. Absolutely. But we don’t have a crisis. We don’t have a shortage of talent. We have four specific problems. 1. Hiring Managers Create Overloaded Job Descriptions It’s difficult to write a great job description. It takes about …

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Culture, Culture, Culture

Here’s the bad news: As more and more moves to the cloud, expect more security breaches. We do way too much in security theater now. My merchant account provider makes me change my secure password every x days no matter where I am, even if I am in a hotel, on not-so-secure public network. Security theater. This will only get worse. More and more organizations will jump on the water-scrum-fall bandwagon. Oh, they will claim they are doing agile, but they are not. The more they are addicted to their enterprise architects, their lack of project dashboards, their tracking of project hours, and their need to predict project cost so they can manage the project …

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In First, Break All the Rules,1 management consultants Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman report that an employee’s relationship with his or her manager is key to that employee’s success and long-term happiness in the organization. Moreover, if people have friends at work, they are more likely to be successful and happy at work. In an agile team, it’s easy to build camaraderie among team members. But if a technical person’s primary affiliation is with his or her colleagues on an agile team, how does a manager build the relationship key to retention? […]