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Apr 132016
Bob Charette Wins Esteemed Neal Award for Editorial Excellence

Shout out to Cutter Fellow Bob Charette for winning the esteemed 2016 Jesse H. Neal Award for his series of articles featured in the “Lessons from a Decade of IT Failures” – detailing the takeaways from tracking the big IT debacles of the last ten years. After Bob’s 2005 article, “Why Software Fails” – he started tracking, documenting and blogging about technology failures of all sizes. Ten years later, he selected five of these IT project failures to feature in the report, “Lessons from a Decade of IT Failures,” replete with interactive graphs and charts – now recognized and rewarded for its editorial excellence in business media. A very well deserved honor — congratulations, Bob! Read more

Jan 262016
Thank You, Ed, for All You Gave Us

As many of you will know by the time you read this, Ed Yourdon died last week. He was a pioneer in software engineering, author of 26 computer books and hundreds of computer articles, a prominent consultant and lecturer, and, here at Cutter, founder and longtime Editor of what is now known as Cutter IT Journal. Ed also cofounded the Consortium part of Cutter, authored many Cutter technology journals, and wrote thousands of Cutter email advisors. Most importantly, Ed was a great friend to all of us. His influence on Cutter’s mission and values endures. My first encounter with Ed was at a CASE conference. He had just delivered a brilliant keynote that, true to form, Read more

Nov 162015
Cutter Experts Honored for Leadership Course

Cutter Fellow Rob Austin and Senior Consultant Shannon Hessel received a Danish Society for Education and Business Prize for their “Leadership in the 21st Century Organizations” course at Copenhagen Business School. Cutter Fellow Dick Nolan was also honored for the lectures he contributed to the course. One of the three DSEB Education Prizes went to Assistant Professor Shannon Hessel and Professor Rob Austin from the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, especially due to their work in the course: “Leadership in the 21st Century Organizations”, in which they combine technology with good old-fashioned storytelling. – via CBS Observer Congratulations, Rob, Shannon, and Dick!

Jul 162015
Welcome to Nine (!) New Cutter Experts

The old adage “When it rains, it pours” certainly applies to the past couple of months at Cutter Consortium. We’ve added a cadre of really impressive experts to our roster. Cutter clients will have the opportunity to work with these folks, access their research, bring them in house for consulting/training, and interact with them live through Cutter events. And readers of this blog will see their latest thinking right here. (First among them is James Mitchell, with his post on some myths of IT commoditization.) Join us in welcoming: Edgar Barroso Gerhard Friedrich Kent Graziano Doug McDavid Paul Miller James Mitchell Vinay Venkatraman Stijn Viaene Phil Wisoff Watch this space over the next weeks for Read more

Oct 292014
From Information Risk Management to BI for Software Organizations to Agile Transitions, We’ve Got You Covered.

We’ve been rounding up Dennises lately: Dennis Adams and Dennis Hogarth have joined our team of expert consultants. But along with the Dennises, we welcome Nancy Williams, Murray Cantor and Don MacIntyre. Dennis Adams is a long time Cutter contributor. He’s frequently presented the academic viewpoint for Cutter Benchmark Review. (If you’re not familiar with CBR, it partners academics and practitioners who co-write a survey, analyze the data, and then write opinion pieces — influenced by their academic/practitioner perspective — that are based on the findings. Looking at an issue or technology from both an academic and practical perspective gives CBR readers the 360 view they won’t otherwise see.) Now Dennis will add his expertise Read more

Jun 192014
What's happening with IT budgets?

IT budgeting is the topic of Cutter’s longest-running research — we’ve just opened our ninth annual survey on the topic, and we hope you’ll participate. Not so surprisingly, last year’s survey found that security drove the largest increase in IT budgets, led by increases from large companies. According to author Dennis Adams, “This may be a response to the idea that large companies are bigger ‘targets’ to hackers.” On the other end of the spectrum, Adams pointed out that “Although some consultants have predicted that energy costs would increase the costs of computing, our surveys have not borne this out. This year, as in the past, energy costs have not factored into the costs of Read more

Welcome aboard, Diana!

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May 242014
Welcome aboard, Diana!

One of the great pleasures of being practice director is welcoming aboard new consultants. With each consultant we add to the Agile Practice I feel both the practice and I are enriched. The practice gains new expertise as well as another perspective on various methodical issues we wrestle with. Likewise, I gain access to a set of experiences, insights and values that I might not have been privy to before. Adding a consultant to the practice is actually a most gratifying form of network effect. I feel particularly delighted to welcome Diana Larsen to Cutter through this post. Diana, of course, needs no introduction. So, instead of an introduction I will share an episode and Read more

Apr 242014
Process and Information Integration – a Matter of Life and Death?

I don’t want to act as the proverbial ambulance-chasing lawyer, but certain accidents lead me to shake my head about the ways in which we prevent effective action in matters of safety. I am specifically referring to the lack of end-to-end information and process integration we see in certain industries and activities. The tragedy of the South Korean ferry, the Sewol, which capsized last week, killing many people, brings this point home again. But this is not the only situation that comes to mind. Sunday marked the fourth anniversary of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Macondo prospect in the Gulf of Mexico. While there were many reasons for that tragedy, in Read more

Welcome, Ken Morris

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Dec 022013
Welcome, Ken Morris

Ken Morris quietly joined Cutter’s Business Technology Strategies practice earlier this fall. And since that day, he’s been impressing Cutter clients and staffers alike! Like many Cutter Senior Consultants, Ken is a seasoned CIO. He has held senior IT leadership positions with two global specialty chemicals companies and a global industrial gases company over the past 20+ years. Ken is known for consistently delivering business value by cultivating, motivating, and leading high performance teams that are passionately invested in the success of the organization and the enterprise. Heady stuff! But when you meet Ken, you’ll know exactly why it’s true. Keep your eyes peeled for insight from Ken here at the Cutter Blog, and also Read more

Jul 252013

Back in March 2012, I wrote that Microsoft leadership, knowing that the company was in danger of being left behind by Apple and the Android-based product vendors when it came to the mobile market — especially tablets — had staked its future on its upcoming Windows 8 OS (then still in development). Basically, I said it would come down to Microsoft getting Windows 8 right, so the long, drawn-out development period was understandable. Once Windows 8 was released, and if it proved as impressive as initial reports suggested, I said then that I thought that companies would embrace Windows 8 for mobile development. The logic I employed at the time was based on the fact Read more