Aug 102011

Check out Cutter’s Patrick Debois (@patrickdebois) and Julian Simpson on Thursday morning at Agile2011 (9:30 – 10:30). They believe that organizations can greatly benefit from agile infrastructure and have built a demo just for this conference to prove that the concept of ‘”infrastructure as code” can help. This session is part of the New Horizons stage, so you can be certain you’ll be discovering something you hadn’t really thought about in this way before! At the same time (unfortunately!) Cutter’s Mark Levison and Roger Brown are presenting a refinement of their Agile2009 presentation, Creativity for Agile Teams. They focus on how to support, enable and enhance the creative abilities of Agile teams. Next, Scott Ambler, Read more

What’s that Smell?

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Aug 092011

Gil Broza is an amazing coach. He’s also a really terrific trainer, focused on agile engineering practices. His specialties include techniques for increasing quality and reducing time-to-market, how to be a good Agile Customer, and Pragmatic Scrum. Tomorrow at 1:30 at Agile2011, he’s turning to Refactoring Conversation Smells. In his back pocket, he’s holding a simple set of patterns and questions that will help you tackle and get your conversations unstuck. Also in that pocket are a couple of decks of Cutter Planning Poker cards. Ask him for one!  

Defining Social Media

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Aug 092011
Defining Social Media

“Social media” is one of these phrases that has emerged in recent years for which there is still not a single, broadly accepted definition. Thus, every author tends to propose his or her own. This is not just vanity; it is also the sign of an immature and rapidly evolving field. In a recent Executive Update, Cutter Fellow Steve Andriole and Cutter Senior Consultant Vince Schiavone define social media by extension, listing the following components (with my examples added in parentheses):[1] Social networks (LinkedIn) Blogs and microblogs (WordPress and Twitter) Forums and message boards (Yammer and Google Groups) Multimedia sites (YouTube and Flickr) A definition made up of a list has some drawbacks: it does not Read more

Aug 082011

Are you going to Cutter Senior Consultant Christopher Avery’s Coaching Success: Getting People to Take Responsibility & Demonstrate Ownership session this afternoon (1:30-5:00) at Agile2011? Christopher, along with Ashley Johnson, is going to demonstrate how to apply and teach the Responsibility Process, how to handle objections, and how to know just what to do when another believes they’re owning it and you believe they aren’t. The Responsibility Process really does work! Here’s how they implemented it at DTE Energy.  

Aug 062011

More than 200 sessions will be held during the coming week in Agile 2011. This creates a problem of choosing, not choice, for every participant. While this is a wonderful problem to have, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. The Cutter team at Agile 2011 will hold a daily retrospective to help all of us navigate through the many parallel session in the conference. By so doing we expect to accomplish the following: Seeing the conference as a whole instead of ‘this presentation, that workshop.’ You can think about it as kind of ‘see the forest for the trees’. Connecting the dots by identifying linkages between a presentation one person attended and another one which Read more

Aug 052011

  Below is the detailed outline for my August 8, 1:30-5:00PM Technical Debt Workshop in Agile 2011. I look forward to meeting you and interacting with you in the conference before, during and after this workshop! Best, Israel Technical Debt: Assessment and Reduction Part I: Technical Debt in the Overall Context of the Software Process A Holistic Model of the Software Process Two Aspects of Output Three Aspects of Technical Debt Five Aspects of Software Part II: What Really is Technical Debt? What’s in a Metaphor? Code Analysis Time is Money Monetizing Technical Debt Typical Stakeholder Dialog Around Technical Debt Analysis of the Cassandra Code Project Dashboard Part III : Case Study – NotMyCompany, Inc. Read more

Now On Stage …

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Aug 042011

If you’re going to Agile2011, be sure to check out the Testing and Quality Assurance stage. Cutter’s Ken Collier is co-producer, with Lisa Shoop from Sabre, of this stage. They’ve pulled together a powerhouse lineup of thought leaders in the Agile testing and QA space. The sessions on this stage will be highly interactive; they’re designed for sharing and learning from others. A few of the questions that will be addressed on Ken and Lisa’s Testing and QA stage include: How do quality metrics improve testing practices? How do you effectively manage technical debt in test suites? (This one will be answered by our own Israel Gat!) How do you ensure that testing “keeps up” Read more

Aug 042011

  Below is the detailed outline for my August 10, 9:00AM Agile 2011 presentation. I look forward to meeting you and interacting with you in the conference before, during and after this presentation! Best, Israel Super-Fresh Code Part I: The Changing Nature of Change Traditional View of Agile as a Software Method A New Context for Agile Hyper-Segmented Global Markets A Modern Testing Value Chain Prosumption All the Way to the Brand Part II: Agile –> Agility Agility as an End-to-End Challenge The Value Delivery Journey Confluence of Agile, Cloud, Mobile and Social Everything as a Service Multiple Forms of Agile Part III: Your Agile Process has been Obsoleted A Passage in Time with Profound Implications Read more

Aug 032011

Anyone who has any budgeting responsibility should attend Cutter Senior Consultant Johanna Rothman’s session, The Budgeting Black Hole: Predicting the Unpredictable, at Agile2011 next week. I had a chance to speak with Johanna yesterday. I asked her not only whether “agile budgeting” was possible, but also why she even chose to address this topic. AM: Why “budgeting” at Agile2011? Is this a burning topic? JR: I chose that topic because there are just too many managers running around trying to predict the future with a budget and it’s just plain crazy. Why should they have to do that? They can’t. AM: Why does it seem so often like budgeting is just an exercise in frustration? Read more

Aug 032011

Practice what you preach. Talk the talk and walk the walk. That’s what Cutter’s going to do at the end of each afternoon at Agile2011. Join Israel Gat and Cutter Senior Consultants including Ken Collier, Brent Barton, Patrick Debois, Johanna Rothman, Christopher Avery, Ward Cunningham, Gil Broza, and others for the Daily Cutter Retrospective. This team, along with anyone (that means you!) who’d like to join them, will spend a few minutes reviewing and sharing what everyone learned that day, and what impact it might have on the rest of the conference and their post-conference actions. Follow us at @cuttertweets for the exact location of this retrospective/meetup. Or Like us on Facebook and we’ll send Read more