Feb 202018
How Quickly is that Oncoming Train Arriving?

Every year we ask Cutter Consortium’s team of experts what they see as the trends to watch in the coming year/years. We’ve highlighted many of these in various Cutter publications and also here on the Cutter Blog. This year is no different. Cutter Business Technology Journal has compiled many of the articles, and I’ll be pointing out some of the highlights here over the next few weeks. Cutter Fellow Steve Andriole offers a different take: Every year many of the trends [predicted by many sources] are simple extrapolations of the previous year’s trends. But every year there are also some breakout trends. Perhaps of greatest interest are the rates of acceleration some trends experience in Read more

Feb 162018
[Call for Papers] Is a Blockchain Revolution on the Horizon?

Blockchain is coming out of the shadows. Originally developed as the distributed ledger technology underlying Bitcoin, it’s now being recognized as a foundational technology providing a legitimate transaction platform for industry and software vendors to deploy and on its way to revolutionizing how the world does business. Blockchain is disrupting/transforming many traditional businesses across the industry spectrum. Currently, blockchain technology is being used to enhance food and drug traceability, enable government efficiencies, automate the trading of shares, improve access to electronic medical records, and secure voting processes, to name but a few. The applications are infinite. An upcoming issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal, with Guest Editor Philip O’Reilly, will address the current uses of Read more

Feb 122018
The Rise of the Hub Economy

According to Harvard Business School Professor Karim Lakhani, who is also a Cutter Consortium Fellow, a new “hub economy” is emerging as a result of a shift in the business models companies are using to create and capture value. It’s now networks and data that are the organizing principles. The hub economy, writes Prof. Lakhani in a recent article for Cutter Business Technology Journal, is disrupting traditional businesses — from retail to automotive, hospitality to health, manufacturing to finance — all across the spectrum. This, in turn, is creating world in which just a small number of companies (think Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc.) dominate. Why? Karim states: The nature of competition in the hub economy Read more

Feb 082018
[Call for Papers] Transforming the Customer Experience

The customer experience – the interactions between the customer and the organization – can make or break a business, especially in this age of digital disruption. Customer loyalty isn’t what it used to be; a customer can jump ship at any moment, resulting in lost revenue for the business and increased costs for new customer acquisition. Creating a positive customer experience is a critical factor in an organization’s success. It can give an organization the competitive edge it needs to not only survive, but to thrive; to retain long-standing customers as well as win new ones. But how does an organization go about creating and delivering a successful customer experience and journey? How can it Read more

Managing in the Age of Transparency: The Puddle Fallacy (The Cutter Pod, Episode 002)

Managing in the Age of Transparency: The Puddle Fallacy (The Cutter Pod, Episode 002)

In this episode of The Cutter Pod, Cutter Consortium Fellow Rob Austin talks about — and tells stories of — the impact that a once-unimaginable volume of data flowing around via the web can have on organizations and individuals, and he offers advice to business technology leaders about how they can manage both the positive and negative consequences. The papers Dr. Austin refers to in this podcast are: “How one man tracked down Anonymous—and paid a heavy price” Ars Technica “We Are All Intelligence Officers Now” – Dan Geer, 28 February 14, RSA/San Francisco Music credit: Stuttgart by Portrayal, used under CC BY 4.0 / Sampled from original

Keys to Happiness

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Jan 302018
Keys to Happiness

I can’t think of a reason why a company wouldn’t want happy customers. So why are there so many terrible customer experiences? According to Cutter Consortium Fellow Steve Andriole, making customers happy is really straightforward: “There are no industry constraints, just leadership obstacles.” Here are Steve’s 7 steps to gain happy customers: Positive customer experiences can be created by first objectively baselining the current state of customer experiences. Perform a competitive analysis of the companies in your industry and in adjacent industries to profile their best — and worst — practices. Identify — and price — the best practices you identify from the competitive analyses that correlate directly with your customer experience pain. Pilot initiatives Read more

Jan 232018
Want to Change Your Organizational Culture? Get Started Yesterday.

Digitally-driven change is messy and unpredictable and unsettles everyone. Embracing the mess, and fundamentally changing organizational culture is critical for successful digital transformation. In the words of Cutter Consortium a change management expert Sheila Cox, “Digital transformation is not for the faint of heart. It means disrupting your company before your competitors do. It means experimenting, without any guaran­tee of success. It means creating something new and unproven, while sabotaging what’s already working. Digital transformation means taking big risks.” According to Cox, traditional, 3-phased approaches to change management don’t work with digital transformation. Why? Those approaches, such as Kurt Lewin’s “unfreeze, change refreeze” methodology, and Conner’s “present state, transition state, desired state” model, treat change Read more