Oct 162018
The Holy Grail of Innovation Management

Growth. It’s what CEOs are after. Sometimes it’s straightforward. Other times growth requires a company to move into new or unfamiliar areas. How can a company do this? Many have internal units or programs dedicated to driving breakthrough innovation. But, according to Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Rick Eagar, there’s another, new model — the Breakthrough Incubator — that’s helping companies develop and launch radically new products, services or businesses that deliver significant value. Eager, and colleagues Max Senechal, Michael Kolk, Tim Barder, Mitch Beaumont, and Kurt Baes describe the Breakthrough Incubator approach, and its benefits, in their recently published Executive Update, “The Breakthrough Incubator: A Radical Model for Innovative New Businesses.” The model, they write, Read more

Sep 282018
What's the most significant key to digital transformation success?

A significant proportion of digital transformation failures — that is, not achieving the anticipated value — can be traced directly to a failure to appreciate and address the human behavior associated with the transformation. In Part 1 of their multi-part Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies Advisor series “Putting the Human in Digital Transformation,” Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Greg Smith, and his coauthors, Mandeep Dhillon, Raf Postepski, Chandler Hatton, and Liam Collis, opine that when driving digital transformation, human behavior deserves at least as much attention as the technology itself. As you’ll discover in their quick-reading paper, even when you’ve identified  the right technology to lay the groundwork for a successful digital transformation, there are Read more

Do You Embrace Agility?

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Sep 202018
Do You Embrace Agility?

Traditional business and operating models are being digitally disrupted, forcing companies to quickly transition to new ways of doing business. And while not all businesses are equally at risk, every business is exposed to the new order digitization is bringing. In the midst of this turbulence, leading-edge firms, from startups to the Fortune 10, are recognizing that business agility is an essential part of survival. Enterprises that operate in an agile fashion have a huge advantage — traceability from the team level back to the CEO. When team decisions map to the company’s key business drivers and priorities, the synchronization of effort serves as a powerful antidote to the relentless pace of change. The resulting efficiencies lead Read more

Sep 112018
AI v. Human Intelligence: Which Application is Right?

When new technology appears and matures, it often spawns new business models. The new business models compete with existing ones, to offer better products, better prices, or better customer experiences, forcing existing businesses to adapt and account for the new competition. AI is one of those technologies that could be the basis of new business models, much the way Amazon leveraged the Internet, writes Raj Ramesh in AI Is Driving New Business Models: How Do We Adapt? As one of the most powerful technologies humans have invented, AI will spawn new business models that will be vast and deep, the likes of which we have not yet seen.  Ramesh defines AI as commonly used umbrella term Read more

Sep 042018
Are AI Apps Delivering Benefits?

Are the AI apps organizations have deployed actually delivering benefits? That’s a question Curt Hall has had for some time. The latest results from Cutter Consortium’s ongoing survey examining the adoption and application of AI technology in the enterprise holds some answers. Our research has found that while most (45%) organizations report that it’s still too early to determine or measure any real benefits from their AI deployments, just under 30% are already realizing measurable benefits from their applications. Conversely, just under 20% say they are not currently benefiting from their AI application deployments. Is your organization currently deriving measurable benefits from AI applications it has deployed? Remarked Curt Hall in “Are Organizations Deriving Measurable Read more

Aug 282018
Interacting with Customers? Here are 3 Questions to Consider

What do your customers (who are used to dealing with Uber, Amazon, and Apple) expect from their interactions with your organization? They want to have a great experience. As a result, traditional organizations have no choice but to step up their game to stay relevant. Masha Sand, a Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant whose expertise is in digital strategy, product management, operations leadership, and business analytics, recommends three questions organizations should consider when upgrading or revamping their customer service approaches: What value does a customer get from each interaction?How can customer experience be enhanced in every interaction?What do customer interactions mean for a long-term relationship? What value does a customer get from each interaction? Advises Sand, Read more

Aug 222018
Call For Papers: Riding The Next Wave of Cloud Computing

An upcoming issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal with Guest Editor Frank Khan Sullivan will address the considerations of a cloud adoption initiative. @fksullivan Businesses, consumers and government demand suitable venues for their data storage and processing needs – one that scales to demand and does not require a large upfront capital investment. Attitudes towards cloud adoption have matured to the point where IT decision makers must soon justify why they would not use the cloud as their first preference.The ever-increasing volume and complexity of data that we generate increases demand for cloud services. That posits a need for greater understanding of where the cloud market is going so organisations can anticipate what strategic decisions they must make to Read more