Aug 222007

Cutter Fellow Steve Andriole is at it again! He’s come up with a list of the top ten things he’d say to “management” about technology. I’ll just post three of his items here for you to react to, but do read his entire list in this week’s Business Technology Trends & Impacts E-Mail Advisor.

4. Please stop making exceptions to the governance process. If you want to save money and keep us agile, then do not allow all the flowers to bloom; instead, publish the standards and then stick with them. Every time you let someone off the hook, you make our life more complicated — and expensive.

6. Please make us account for our technology investments. Please make us link them to the business strategy and the impact each investment has on operational or strategic success. In spite of what you may think, we like ROI thinking. Hold us — and everyone — to it.

7. Stop underestimating the impact the Web will have on business. I am really tired of our thinking that the Web is just another channel. The Web is not an evolutionary channel. It’s definitely a revolutionary one that changes dramatically every year. Please allow us to pay close attention to new Web technologies and Web-based business models. By the way, why aren’t we crowdsourcing our R&D?

What do you think are the most important items for your management to know about technology? Would Steve’s items make your top ten list? Let us know your thoughts!


Cindy Swain

Cindy is Cutter Consortium's Managing Editor. She works with Cutter's Fellows and Senior Consultants to secure Cutter's research content and oversees Cutter's quantitative survey efforts.


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