It’s nice to be noticed…

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Oct 202007

It’s funny where things end up. Last year I participated in an “Enterprise Architecture Skills” project hosted by the International Association of Software Architects (IASA) and sponsored by Microsoft. The project created a library of short articles describing the skills and activities of an Enterprise Architect. This month, my article on “The Role of Architecture in Business Analysis”, was picked up by Askhok’s Reading Blog. It’s a case study of sorts describing how architecture can help add value to the business analysis process. Take a look at the blog at:!DE089193206226CD!454.entry, or the entire set of articles at:


Mike Rosen

Michael Rosen has more than 20 years technical leadership experience architecting, designing, and developing software products and applications.


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    I thought it was called the “IT skills” project since it is listed as that on their web site.

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