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Oct 132008

The original research Cutter conducts helps us deliver a detailed picture of IT best practices worldwide. The data we gather make it possible to forecast the business and technology strategies, tactics, and trends that will have an impact on organizations in the near- and long-term. We make the extra effort to ensure that survey results reflect reality. When Cutter Senior Consultants analyze the data, they normalize it, toss the outliers, and eliminate responses from any sales/marketing/product management folks at vendor companies. And we always include the number of respondents when we publish analyses based on data collected through these surveying efforts. We follow this methodology so you can be confident in the validity of our conclusions. If you’d like to participate in our surveys, we welcome you to join the Cutter Research Community! When you do, you can download 3 data-supported reports, each one an example of the analysis derived from Cutter’s surveying efforts.


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