Nov 172008

A recent Cutter Consortium survey revealed that 63% of responding organization are using a SaaS solution, up from 32% in 2007.

Over the past four years, Cutter has been charting the growth of the SaaS market with a series of yearly customer surveys. This effort has been spearheaded by Cutter Senior Consultant Jeffrey M. Kaplan. In analyzing the data for a Business Technology Trends & Impacts Executive Update, Kaplan wrote:

Last year, the survey gave us a hint that this jump in adoption might occur. Even before escalating fuel costs and the recent collapse of the credit markets, 80% of our SaaS survey respondents last year who reported they were considering SaaS solutions stated they expected to adopt a SaaS solution by the end of 2008. This year, 85% of those who are considering SaaS expect to adopt a SaaS solution by the end of 2009. That could take the proportion of survey respondents using SaaS solutions to 75% next year!

You can read more of Kaplan’s analysis here.


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  1. Anne,

    FYI, Jeff also has a commentary about the new market study on our blog. We welcome your comments regarding any additional insights or thoughts that you may want to share.

    David Deans

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