Nov 252008

Analysis of the data we collected in our fourth annual software-as-a-service (SaaS) market survey has revealed that 97% of responders are satisfied with their SaaS deployments. Jeff Kaplan will continue to analyze the data over the next few weeks. He wrote in a recent Business Technology Trends & Impacts Executive Update:

Given the tangible benefits survey respondents report gaining from their SaaS deployments, I’m not surprised by this finding, but still, it’s impressive! This is a satisfaction level that few established on-premise enterprise software vendors can match.

The benefits enterprises are enjoying that have lead to such an unprecedented satisfaction level include reducing infrastructure costs as a result of SaaS solutions, greater functional capabilities from their SaaS solutions, better application reliability and performance, and higher productivity and more systematic software updates and upgrades. Here’s a graph you can sink your teeth into.

SAAS Benefits

More analysis is here, and I reported on other findings from this research about week ago here.


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    Jeff Kaplan’s presenting more findings and analysis on SaaS and cloud computing — and more importantly, answering questions — during a live Cutter webinar tomorrow, Feb. 24 at noon EST. If you’d like to participate, you can register at the Cutter site (

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