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Did you KNOW that January 28 was international Data Privacy Day? I bet most of you did not. Too bad. The way to help improve privacy practices within organizations is to raise awareness of privacy issues.

I recently blogged about Data Privacy Day here and here.

Are you planning to do something for Data Privacy Day? If so, please let us know! I love to hear what folks do to observe such days, and to help raise awareness of information security and privacy issues.

Or, if you are not planning to do something, why? Too late of notice? You don’t see the point of doing anything? You think it is dumb? You think…???? Let us know!


Rebecca Herold

Rebecca Herold is a Senior Consultant with the Cutter Consortium's Business Technology Strategies practice. She is an information privacy, security and compliance consultant, author and instructor.


  5 Responses to “What Are You Doing For Data Privacy Day On January 28?”

  1. http://ucis.dal.ca/publications/081121-privacyday.html

    Hi, Dalhousie University is celebrating Data Protection Day. This is the same as Data Privacy Day as started at Duke University last year but our Federal privacy commissioner is aligning us with the EU name for the event.

    Our event is a lunch seminar with a guest speaker from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and also Dal’s own Information Security Officer. Our target audience is data-handling staff at the university plus privacy professionals from local government, business, and academia. Our aim is awareness and networking. Our privacy staff will meet with the local privacy professionals after the talks to discuss developing a privacy community, perhaps under the guidance of CAPAPA (Canadian Association of Professional Access and Privacy Administrators – capapa.org).

    Just email back if have any questions.

    Greg Pemberton

  2. Greg,

    Thank you for sharing what you did yesterday! How did your event go; did you have a good turnout?


  3. Hi Rebecca, Sorry for the delay in response. We had a fantastic turnout with ~280 people. The two main speakers were a perfect selection. They provided a balanced overview of our privacy legislation and issues, combined with practical, take-back-to-your-office-and-use tips, presented in a engaging and sometimes humourous way. We followed up with a survey that shows an overwhelmingly positive response.

    We are already planning to expand to a 1/2 day conference format with more speakers and hands-on workshops for DPD 2010.


  4. Greg, that is great to hear about your turnout and positive response! I really like the idea of having a hands-on workshop; there are so many possibilities for that.

    Thanks for the followup information!


  5. […] in business technology news) she compiled a list of significant DPD events under the post What Are You Doing For Data Privacy Day on January 28th? and followed up to find out how they went. Ours was one of those […]

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