Jan 292009

Israel Gat and Bob Furniss have joined Cutter’s team of expert Senior Consultants. Most recently, Israel Gat led the Agile transformation at BMC Software. Under his leadership, BMC software development increased Scrum users from zero to 1,000 in four years. [Michael Mah and Mike Lunt of BMC Software described this transformation in an Executive Report they wrote for Cutter clients, How Agile Projects Measure Up, and What This Means to You.] Israel is currently focusing on enterprise-level agile deployments. He’s written a series of Executive Updates for Cutter’s Agile practice; you can read his To Release No More, Or To Release Always — Part I: The Myth here.

Bob Furniss’s sweet spot is understanding and improving the customer experience. He’s worked with some of the top companies in the world to help them realign their customer strategies, including leading the team at FedEx that implemented the company’s online customer service portal strategy. That project’s touch point maps and experience catalog became the catalyst for the FedEx Purple Promise.

I’m thrilled (and my colleagues are, too) to be working with these experts. Not only are Israel and Bob very accomplished, they’re both all-around good guys!


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