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Since we started putting out the word on Cutter’s annual Summit before the program was 100% final, I’ve received several emails asking about what else is on tap. We’ve got a packed program already, and we’re still squeezing more in! Again this year, there’s nothing “theoretical” about any of the sessions at the Summit. Every keynote, case study, seminar and roundtable discussion is focused on the reality of dealing with the front-burner issues right now (with right now meaning May 4-6).

Here are just a few of the highlights:
Steve Andriole’s keynote, The 5 Essential Habits of Appropriately Paranoid Business Technology Strategists is sure to raise some eyebrows. Maybe even tempers. If you’ve read any of the reports/articles Steve’s written for Cutter, or seen him in live action before, you know he pulls no punches. The awesome thing about Steve is that he just calls it like he sees it; sometimes he offends, but he always inspires.

Mark Seiden is another person who leaves you with your jaw hanging open. He’ll be keynoting about the latest security breaches and what your organization can do to prevent hacks. (And also what you can do to prevent having your PII and/or bank balance stolen.) Mark is a secret-agent-of-sorts in the internet security biz. The stories he tells will no doubt keep you up at night. His are the tales you’ll find yourself repeating to your friends.

Cutter’s been a leader in Agile movement since its inception. We’re amazed and really pleased at how entrenched it has become. So what’s next? Now it’s time for Agile to move onward and upward — the Agile Enterprise. On Wednesday at the Summit, Jim Highsmith will give a 3-hour seminar on just how to scale agile up to larger and distributed projects. Jim’s into some pretty intense sports. He’s an avid mountain climber, skier, and cyclist. The perspective he’s gained from these sports, along with an incredible resume filled with stories of guiding successful agile transformations, colors his vision and gives his a unique take on agility.

We’ve also got a full-day of Enterprise Architecture sessions planned. Mike Rosen and John Tibbetts tackle collaboration, from an EA perspective. Jeroen van Tyn follows that with a session on operational business patterns. Ken Orr is up next with a case study. He’s just wrapped up a business architecture project for a large organization, and will talk about what went right and what went wrong — the proverbial lessons learned — so you can adopt the best practices and skip the duds. The afternoon will wrap up by bringing all four contestants back on stage for a panel/Q&A session.

There is, of course, lots more to the program. (Details.) And then there’s the downtime — plenty of time for getting to know all the participants, speakers and Cutter Senior Consultants. In the meantime, if you have questions or comments for the speakers, feel free to ask them in the comments of this post, and we’ll answer them here, too.


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