Bob Fischer Joins Our Team

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Feb 242009

Bob Fischer is the newest addition to our Agile Product & Project Management team. Bob is an Agile trainer, coach, facilitator, and change agent. He has amazing expertise in the cultural change required to deploy Agile at an enterprise level.

Most recently, Bob was a VP at Fidelity Investments, where he was responsible for deploying Agile to more than 400 people. Bob was an organization-wide catalyst at Fidelity, helping to broaden the deployment of Agile across the large organization. His campaign for cultural change included getting agreement between the business unit president, CIO, CFO, and the head of product development on a common strategy for deploying Agile. (Agile was cited as the key reason why a large project went from failure to success.)

Bob’s work has been shaped by his core belief that a trained, empowered, and engaged workforce provides an organization with a strong competitive advantage. Watch for some of his ideas on this blog!


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