Apr 012009

Every year, folks at the Summit ask us Cutter staff people if the Red Sox are in town, and we usually have to break the news that the old towne team is on the road. Well, we’ve arranged for them to be at home at the end of this year’s Summit, and we’re holding a drawing among attendees for a pair of tickets for the Wednesday, May 6 post-Summit game vs. the Cleveland Indians. It’ll be a great time at one of the few remaining classic baseball parks for the lucky Summiteer!

The experts attending and participating in this year’s Cutter Summit are an impressive group, and if they weren’t also such nice people, I’d be nervous about hosting them! I’m excited for our attendees to be able to interact with these folks on timely IT leadership topics — it’s a great, and actually quite cost-effective, way for them to be able to pick a variety of very smart peoples’ brains on the specific issues they’re facing right now.

If you’re registered already, we’re looking forward to seeing you! Be sure you make your hotel reservation right away to get the Cutter rate which expires April 3! And if you haven’t registered yet, check out the program. It centers around IT Leadership for these tough times, and features either a full day of Enterprise Architecture or Leadership seminars on Wednesday.


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