May 272009

IT professionals tell us anecdotally that they use a variety of personal productivity solutions — from checklists on paper to involved (and expensive) project planning software.

Please take our 3-minute survey and help us get a snapshot of the current and best practices in use by IT professionals worldwide. We’ll thank you with a copy of the Executive Report The Business Technology Optimization Audit: Finding the Make Money/Save Money Zone.

Please respond ASAP — this survey closes 6:00 am (Boston time) Friday, May 29.


  3 Responses to “What productivity tools do IT pros use?”

  1. 45 questions in 180 seconds — four seconds per question? If this is representative for Cutter research, I’m questioning the value of your efforts..

  2. Hi, I’ve found this planningforce, a project planning tool which is extremely useful for me. In this regard, I would like to suggest this tool for Project planning purposes.

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    Thanks for the comment, os. Perhaps I was being a bit too flip on the time needed, but our test-completion of the survey was quite rapid. I appreciate the feedback, and next time I’ll use a timer rather than estimating! Best, Kim

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