Aug 252009

It’s day two of Agile 2009 in Chicago, and we’ve gotten reports from our Agile consulting team of morning runs and cycling along the lakefront as well as consumption of classic Chicago pizza at Lou Malnati’s (I’m thinking the latter makes the former necessary!)

Practice Director Jim Highsmith reports that he had 100 plus folks at both of his sessions (Advances in Release Planning and Zen & the Art of Software Quality) on Monday, a day that culminated with his election as President of the APLN. Congrats, Jim! Rachel Davies & Liz Sedley’s session, What Does an Agile Coach Do?, followed by today’s Top 10 Tips for Agile Coaches got great feedback, leaving folks anxious to read their new book Agile Coaching.

Tuesday afternoon brings Senior Consultant Israel Gat contributing to the Agile in the Enterprise Corporation panel led by Laureen Knudsen (2:00 in Atlanta). You’ll find Joshua Kerievsky and Brian Foote in Grand Ballroom F at 4:00 for the System Metaphor Revisited Developer Jam session. Also at 4:00 (in Regency A), Christopher Avery on How to Develop Your Leadership Power Daily: An Agile Approach to Growth. Alastair Cockburn‘s afternoon session (2:00, Grand Ballroom B), Nano-Incremental Development, or Elephant Carpaccio is sure to be packed, thanks to the reception he received for this morning’s keynote. I’m wondering if he’ll bring the very popular bagpiper along!

In my next post: Tomorrow’s schedule of the Cutter Agile team’s presentations. Please chime in on what you’ve learned so far at Agile 2009 & from whom in the comments!


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