Sep 172009

Last spring, when Gabe Piccoli, Rick Watson and Emily Ryan looked at whether green IT/IS was a priority for organizations, they found some good news: their survey for Cutter Benchmark Review uncovered that more than one-third of companies in the US, and over half of European companies had a long-term strategy in place for reducing their environmental footprints.

Environmental responsibilities are increasingly becoming a mandatory part of business strategies. The pressure not only comes from growing customer demand for green products and processes, but it’s also coming from industry-specific government regulations that enforce precise collection, management, and reporting of carbon data. So now Gabe, this time along with Cutter Senior Consultant Bhuvan Unhelkar and Brian Donnellan, is digging a little deeper to find out the relevance of metrics and measurements to a green organization. The team has just launched a survey that includes questions that explore

  • How will an organization balance its `greening’ efforts against costs?
  • Will the greening effort result in reduced costs?
  • How can abstract green issues such as end-user attitudes, organizational policies, and management practices be measured?
  • What makes an environmentally responsible business strategy `click’ with senior management/decision makers?

What’s motivating your company to be involved (or not) in environmentally responsible business policies? We’d really like to know; the survey is here.


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  1. The pressure not only comes from growing customer demand for green products and processes

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