Sep 252009

Nearly six months ago, the subject for this month’s Cutter IT Journal was conceived, and I was flattered to be invited to serve as the guest editor. Through the collective volunteer efforts (involving thousands of hours) by seven outstanding contributing authors, the set of cutting edge opinion, entitled “The Rise of the Semantic Enterprise”, has now been born. A few quick excerpts follow:

“By exploiting the technologies of the Semantic Web, a semantic enterprise can create a people-machine continuum that enhances business agility”.

“The emerging Semantic Web will require us to dramatically rethink traditional notions of how business, data/information, application, and technology architectures are conceptualized and realized within an enterprise.”

“If CIOs are serious about developing a semantic enterprise, they should start asking themselves what kind of organization they envisage for the future: a “closed-world” organization, an “open-world” organization, or — as is more likely — a hybrid of the two?”

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the contributing authors, who, along with Cutter’s expert editorial review team, spent countless hours on this fascinating journey with me. The contributing authors are spotlighted below:

  • Paola Di Maio
  • John Kuriakose
  • Shamod Lacoul
  • Hyoung-Gon (Ken) Lee
  • San Murugesan
  • Edmund W. Schuster
  • Bhuvan Unhelkar

I am very proud of our joint accomplishment, and believe that we have not only significantly elevated the discussion for this very important subject area, but have also raised some new intriguing questions deserving further exploration.

Cutter clients can read this month’s Cutter IT Journal directly at

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Over the next few months, through reader feedback, I am looking forward to learning about additional use cases for the application of Semantic Web-based technologies (SWT’s) within your enterprise, as well as your plans for applying emerging principles of Semantic Enterprise Architecture (SEA).



Mitchell Ummel

Mitchell Ummel is Director of Cutter's Government & Public Sector practice and a Senior Consultant with Cutter's Business & Enterprise Architecture practice.


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