Sep 302009

In a conversation earlier today with Keith Harrison-Broninski, Keith said something that was just too good not to share:

Generally the IT world is starting to bounce back, it seems. Personally I feel that the recession is a welcome opportunity for IT. So much IT investment is done without real business benefit:

  • Name-only BPMS installations for SOX compliance
  • Endless maintenance of sprawling ERP systems that should be ripped and replaced with standardized services
  • Poorly managed infrastructure projects that waste hundreds of millions
  • Government-funded research that never leads to a product
  • Software developers wasting 25% of their time due to poor understanding of fault fixing (I’ve proved and eliminated this on large-scale projects)
  • Etc.

One thing I’ve discovered in the last few years is the difference between what conference speakers say to the audience and what they admit to each other! As an industry, we need to grow up a bit, start acting like engineers, and help our customers deal with harder economic circumstances.

Do you have anything to add to Keith’s list of wasted IT investment?


  2 Responses to “Is the Recession an IT Opportunity?”

  1. It sounds very reasonal.

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    I believe that because so much of what IT does is virtual – e.g., an application is an image on a screen and not a tangible object – that is becomes very easy for IT to be abstracted, which leads to less return investments and needless spending. For example, if you built a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house today for a family of just 2 people and then you roll into your driveway 5 years later and look at that house in the context of a family of 5 it is a lot easier to determine if that house still meets your needs or not. You can also visualize your options better – like staying put, adding on or moving. With IT investments you really can’t comprehend most of it beyond a conceptualization; therefore, it is much more difficult to deal with.

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