Nov 182009

Each month’s Cutter IT Journal guest editor tries to pit the Hatfields against the McCoys by honing in on a topic that people are passionate and opinionated about and inviting them to contribute an article that take a stand on either side of the argument. This gives Cutter IT Journal readers an amazing foundation for coming to their own conclusions about the strategies and technologies that are best for them.

Claude Baudoin (a regular contributor to this blog) has found such an argument in the topic of business process management: Is it the missing link between business and IT or is it just another buzzword? Some of the arguments he envisions are around questions like:

  • How do you use BPM to span the business-IT divide?
  • Is BPM just a set of pretty pictures, complemented by regular IT management processes like IT Service Management and ITIL?
  • What combination of technical and business skills should be required to ensure a successful BPM effort?
  • Where should BPM reside? The business? IT? Both?

What’s your opinion? Want to write about it? Claude’s Call for Papers includes more insight into the topic and information about how to submit an abstract for consideration.


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