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Dec 242009

The crystal ball gazing continues. Here are more excerpts from Cutter Senior Consultants’ predictions for 2010 and beyond.

  • Dave Rooney: Agile Software Development will follow the same pattern as two other game-changing trends — Relational Database Management Systems and Object-Oriented Programming over the upcoming decade.
  • Claude Baudoin: Expect contractors and consultants to be in demand, and many of them will be ex-employees who, having found their past employer’s loyalty in short supply, will now be more interested in being their own boss than in rejoining as an employee.
  • Ken Collier: Although Agile adoptions will proliferate, we will see an increase Agile project failures due to misunderstanding, misapplication, and misguided attempts to follow an “agile recipe”.
  • Mike Rosen: Continued “cyber events” will temper the rush to the Cloud.
  • Jeff Kaplan: The consumerization of IT by end-users and availability of a widening array of cloud-oriented services that can meet the needs of business units will drive CIOs and IT organizations to reassess their roles, responsibilities, skills and operating structures.
  • Bhuvan Unhelkar: Over the next 4 years, it will be a necessity for organizations to measure and monitoring carbon emissions.

Many of Cutter’s experts have made more than one prediction, but  I’ve only highlighted one each here (and here). You can check out the others, and the reasoning behind them all at the Cutter site. What’s your reactions to these predictions?


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  3. How did Nicholas Carr manage to hijack Steve Andriole’s identity? Could this be Carl Pritchard’s prediction coming true already?

    (fun read, thanks all)

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