May 052010

Are IT budgets easing up, or does budgeting in 2010 feel like 2009 redux? We hope you’ll help us find out.

Cutter has just launched its fifth annual IT Budgeting survey, the results of which will appear in an upcoming issue of Cutter Benchmark Review. Please assist us in creating a snapshot of where we stand in 2010 that we’ll use to compare with data from previous years, identify trends, uncover risks, and make practical recommendations.

Please take our survey, which takes 10-12 minutes to complete. We truly appreciate your time, and will thank you for participating with an immediate download of “IT Budgeting: IT May Be Faring Better than Others in the Storm,” the results of the last IT budgeting survey.

UPDATE: We’ve shortened this survey! It’s now only 19 questions on budgeting — questions that will get you thinking about the budgeting process in your organization. Please participate, and pass on the word!


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