May 282010 has declared 1-7 June 2010 to be Green IT Awareness Week. This is a topic dear to our hearts at Cutter Consortium, and one that we examine frequently (See our Stats of the Week on a variety of Green IT questions, here, here, and here).

Cutter supports International Green IT Awareness Week’s mission to “initiate, promote and support green IT discussions, emboldening employees with the knowledge and innovative ideas to reduce the environmental footprint of the organisation.”

We’re taking action by stimulating discussion and awareness in a variety of ways — we hope you’ll join in too!


  One Response to “Green IT Awareness Week: Are You Aware?”

  1. Great to hear about your initiatives Kim!

    We commend you and Cutter Consortium on taking these major steps towards building a more environmentally sustainable IT.

    I’d also like to let you and your readers know they can join in at the Green IT Week Virtual Event (running from 1-3 June) to watch presentations from around the world on green IT:

    And perhaps next year we can have someone from Cutter present? 🙂

    Best regards,
    Bianca Wirth
    CEO, ComputersOff.ORG

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