Oct 212010

Yesterday, I gave you a preview of Monday’s Summit 2010 program. Tuesday’s program is filled with just as many sparks!

The first session is a case study. It will be led by Rogelio Oliva, who in addition to being a Cutter Senior Consultant, is Associate Professor of Information and Operation Management at the Mays Business School and previously, Assistant Professor in the Technology and Operations Management Unit at the Harvard Business School. So he really knows how to present a case! The case is on IT Cost and IT Value — a pretty important topic these days! First, everyone participating in the Summit will discuss the case in small breakout groups. Then we’ll all come together and Rogelio will put us to the test!

Robert Scott had an amazing career at Proctor & Gamble. He held a couple of CIO positions and was VP of Innovation & Architecture, Global Business Services, when he retired from P&G. It was in that most recent position that Robert Scott played a key role in transforming P&G shared services into an engine for value creation and innovation. On Tuesday, he’ll talk about that journey. But more than that, he’s planning to talk about the next generation of shared services. That’s what the Summit’s about: ruminating on new ideas and strategies that can propel your organization forward.

Our lunchtime discussion features Bob Benson. Bob will lead a conversation about IT Governance. If you think that doesn’t sound all that scintillating, you haven’t been privy to the Cutter research Bob’s been spearheading about evolving governance practices around the world! After presenting some of the findings, Bob’s planning to make the session more roundtable than presentation, so there will be ample opportunity to share experiences, ask questions of Bob and the group, etc.

The day will close with Cutter Fellow Rob Austin putting it all in context. He’ll synthesize the highlights, lessons learned, questions opened, etc. from Monday and Tuesday and turn those ingredients into a fine recipe for success. Rob’s been a top-rated speaker every time he’s been a Summit keynoter or panelists or led a CIO forum. I’m sure this time will be no different.

The Summit’s next week — October 25-27 — at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, MA. If you’re free, join us — registration’s still open! Stay tuned for Wednesday’s preview.


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