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Dec 022010

This time last year, we asked Cutter Consortium Fellows and Senior Consultants what they foresaw for the 2010 business technology landscape. Their predictions ran the gamut from agile taking off and scaling in a big way (as well as several predictions of big agile failures), to mobile devices becoming the client device of choice; collaboration in the cloud giving companies leverage against the software giants; enterprises embracing collaborative and social business intelligence and social media analytics; scrutiny of the security issues surrounding cloud computing; a renewed focus on the customer experience; and more. True to Cutter’s philosophy, each expert brought his or her own experience to bear, yielding thoughtful, thought-provoking, and opinionated forecasts. Plus, it was a fun exercise. Which is why we’re doing it again!

Over the next few weeks, Cutter Senior Consultants’ predictions, pronouncements and prognostications for the year or years ahead will appear on this blog and also on As you read them, let us know what you think: Do you agree? Do you think something is far-fetched? Do you have a prediction of your own?


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