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Why limit myself to predicting what 2011 will bring? Here are some prognostications for the years and decades to come. Realistic? Far-fetched?

  1. Over the next three years, as air travel becomes a greater security risk and more expensive, many companies will transition more of their business using social media, e-learning capability, and online communication tools like GoToMeeting.
  2. Tools like WordPress have just touched the tip of the iceberg. We will see more and more companies start using tools like this for Web sites and as a means to stay in touch with employees, customers, and prospects.
  3. In the distant future, we will no longer need cables to connect devices; not even for providing electricity for our devices. Passing electricity across a room to light a light bulb completely wirelessly is already being tested in a lab setting. The question I have is, “What happens if you are between the electrical source and the light bulb?” :)
  4. I don’t see that managing technology resources will change all that much. The management issues we had 20 years ago are still the primary management issues of today, even though the technology has changed dramatically.
  5. Some scientists speculate that technology will change 1,000 times as much in this century as it did in the last century — and in the last century we went from horse and buggy to automobiles and jet aircraft. The last century changed as much as all the centuries before it combined, with regard to technology advances. For the 21st Century to change 1,000 times more than the last one means we will see some unbelievable (at least what we can envision today) things happen.
  6. I can see that within 20 years, most households have their own, affordable, electric energy source (wind, sun, or something we don’t even see today) and most automobiles will be powered completely by battery or some alternative fuel source other than those which we have today. When — and if — this happens there will be a paradigm shift of major proportions: economic, political, and environmental.
  7. Within five years, laptops will have their own projector device built in — no need to carry a projector with you anymore! We may even have the capability to project 3D holograms in the middle of a conference table instead of up, onto a projector screen. What if a handheld device (like your phone) had full PC capability and could project a full size hologram keyboard that you could actually type on? Now that would make travel much easier.

[Editor’s Note: This post is part of the annual “Cutter Predicts …” series, compiled at the Cutter Consortium website.]


Mike Sisco

Mike Sisco is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Business- Technology Strategies practice. He is a former CIO who successfully led IT assessment and assimilation for more than 40 company acquisitions.


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  2. The trends is nothing!… or empty words.
    The invention is all (ex. light bulb).
    Without a major invention in software, all people will
    work in IT. We must make many things. The current software model is over.

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