Dec 142010

During the past decade, we found Government 2.0 to be evolutionary, serving to increase collaboration and communication through technology-enablement across the domains of Government-to-Citizen (G2C), Government-to-Business (G2B), and Government-to-Government (G2G).  Beginning in 2011, we will see a movement towards Transformational Government 3.0, involving a necessary shake-up of core, longstanding government traditions, through a renewed focus on reinventing how a technology-enabled fabric of governmental processes and people (and the organizations for which they serve) can more effectively and efficiently serve its constituents in the future.

[Editor’s Note: This post is part of the annual “Cutter Predicts …” series, compiled at the Cutter Consortium website.]


Mitchell Ummel

Mitchell Ummel is Director of Cutter's Government & Public Sector practice and a Senior Consultant with Cutter's Business & Enterprise Architecture practice.


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