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Jan 042011

Over the coming few weeks we will be revising the Cutter Agile practice page in a significant manner. Various offerings will be refreshed and new ones added. These forthcoming revisions and additions apply to both consulting and training.

The objective of so doing is quite straightforward: make the Agile practice a rich marketplace for Cutter clients. The idea is to pose a problem of choosing, not of choice, for clients and prospects. We will be posing this “problem” in order to give the client the final decision as to which offerings are best suited to satisfy his/her specific needs. For example, a client might prefer one software method over another. While both will probably be offered through the Agile practice, the client’s circumstances and needs are the final criteria for choosing as far as the practice is concerned. This is particularly true for limited budget situations in which choosing one item from the Agile practice menu means that another worthwhile item on the menu will need to wait till next year’s budget.

Please be “forewarned” – my intent is to make the problem of choosing from the Agile practice menu awful hard…


Israel Gat

Israel Gat served as Cutter Fellow and the Director of the Agile Product Management & Software Engineering Excellence practice from 2008 until 2015.


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