Jun 102011

Congratulations to Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Ken Collier! His latest book, Agile Analytics: A Value-Driven Approach to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, was named one of the “11 Books to Recharge Your Leadership Skills” by CIO-Insight.

A leading expert with Cutter’s Business Intelligence and Agile Product & Project Management practices, Ken is the developer of the Agile Business Intelligence (Agile BI) methodology, which combines agile methods with data warehousing, business intelligence, and advanced analytics. He has successfully adapted agile techniques to DW/BI to create the Agile Analytics style. He continues to refine these ideas as a technical lead and project manager on several agile DW/BI project teams.

As CIO-Insight points out, Ken’s latest book is “a how-to on bringing new agility to data warehousing features, resulting in valuable business intelligence and dramatically reduced project risk.” Find CIO-Insight’s complete list of recommended summer reading here.

Great job, Ken!


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