Jun 272011

Cutter Consortium is pleased to announce that Hubert Smits and Ralph Hughes have joined our team as Senior Consultants.

Hubert Smits is an innovative, assertive, and goal-oriented agile consultant, coach, and trainer who has successfully spearheaded enterprise-level agile-lean enablement efforts, including those at Oracle, Avaya, BMC Software, AOL, Fender, GE Energy, Amdocs, MySpace, and Compete. He specializes in working with large product development efforts in organizations that require organization-wide move to Agile practices.

Israel Gat, Director of Cutter’s Agile practice, said “Hubert Smits is broadly acclaimed as the best Agile teacher/coach in the US. He possesses deep expertise and a ton of experience in large scale end-to-end Agile rollouts. We are extremely proud that he’s joined the Cutter team.”

Ralph Hughes, author of Agile Data Warehousing: Delivering World-Class Business Intelligence Systems Using Scrum and XP, has taught or coached over 1,000 BI professionals worldwide in the discipline of incremental and iterative delivery of large data management systems. He created the Agile Data Warehousing™ methodology — a blend of international standards for project management and warehouse designs that dramatically decreases delivery times, costs, and risks for business intelligence projects of all sizes, while simultaneously improving the quality achieved.

“The data community, as a result of Ralph’s groundbreaking work, has finally begun to embrace agile methods and is seeing positive, repeatable results,” said Ken Collier, who leads Cutter Consortium’s Agile BI practice. I’m thrilled that Ralph will be bringing his expertise to our clients. And it’s untold what innovations might come from the collaboration between our Agile BI team and Cutter’s experts in other Agile niches.”


Laura St. Clair

Laura St. Clair is a marketing specialist with Cutter Consortium.


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