Jul 112011

The AgileAlliance’s annual Agile Conference is right around the corner. Israel Gat, Director of Cutter’s Agile practice, is slated to give a Technical Debt workshop on Monday afternoon (8/8). In it, participants will go through a series of exercises that demonstrate a broad range of applications of the technical debt concept, from effective governance of the software process to its use as a boundary object to streamline the flow from development to IT operations.

Israel is also leading the Super-Fresh Code workshop on Wednesday morning. “Super-Fresh Code” is a term Israel coined (an extension of the “Super-Fresh Web” concept) to describe code that results from seizing upon the opportunities opened by combining recent advances in Agile software methods, cloud computing, mobile applications, and social networking. With the right mix, a company can outgun, outclass and outmaneuver its competition through real-time requirements management and superior business designs. Essentially, super-fresh code becomes the source of competitive advantage. This is a workshop that will make you think about Agile in ways you never have before.

If you’re going to be at Agile 2011, we’d love to meet you there. Israel, Hubert Smits, Jim Shore, and several other Cutter Senior Consultants will be there. We’d be happy to pre-arrange a time to talk! Just drop us a line.




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