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Aug 042011

If you’re going to Agile2011, be sure to check out the Testing and Quality Assurance stage. Cutter’s Ken Collier is co-producer, with Lisa Shoop from Sabre, of this stage. They’ve pulled together a powerhouse lineup of thought leaders in the Agile testing and QA space. The sessions on this stage will be highly interactive; they’re designed for sharing and learning from others. A few of the questions that will be addressed on Ken and Lisa’s Testing and QA stage include:

  • How do quality metrics improve testing practices?
  • How do you effectively manage technical debt in test suites? (This one will be answered by our own Israel Gat!)
  • How do you ensure that testing “keeps up” with the fast pace of agile development?
  • What skills should agile teams have to ensure high quality?
  • What is the role of a QA specialist on an agile team?
  • What is the relationship between developer testing and tester testing?

Don’t forget to stop by our Cutter Daily Retrospective (follow us on @cuttertweets for the exact location) at the end of each day’s sessions to reflect on what you learned at these and other Agile2011 presentations. Ken and Israel will be there!



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