Thursday Morning Line-up

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Aug 102011

Check out Cutter’s Patrick Debois (@patrickdebois) and Julian Simpson on Thursday morning at Agile2011 (9:30 – 10:30). They believe that organizations can greatly benefit from agile infrastructure and have built a demo just for this conference to prove that the concept of ‘”infrastructure as code” can help. This session is part of the New Horizons stage, so you can be certain you’ll be discovering something you hadn’t really thought about in this way before!

At the same time (unfortunately!) Cutter’s Mark Levison and Roger Brown are presenting a refinement of their Agile2009 presentation, Creativity for Agile Teams. They focus on how to support, enable and enhance the creative abilities of Agile teams.

Next, Scott Ambler, another one of the Cutter team, goes on at 11:00 with The Agile Scaling Model (ASM): Be as Agile as You Need to Be. There’s more than 100 people “interested” according to the Agile2011 website, so be sure to get there early so you get a seat!

Then, join Israel Gat and other Cutter experts at our daily retrospective at 5:00 in room 1491 of the Grand America to connect the dots between these sessions and any others that you attended this week!



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