Aug 122011

Bob Dylan’s words certainly are an understatement in the IT world. The speed at which technologies and concepts move from novel to mainstream is staggering. But of course, that’s part of what makes the business technology field so intriguing: it’s never the same.

How do you keep up? Well, for one thing, you need to be agile. That’s our mantra at Cutter. Yes, Agile is one of our thriving practice areas. But it’s also a way of life for us. Since 1986 we’ve been adapting to market changes, reorganizing content, adding new products, altering formats, etc. Here’s an example: when I first came to Cutter, our Object-Oriented Strategies newsletter (16 pages in print) was one of our most widely read publications. Over time, objects became fairly widely understood, the technology moved up the maturity scale, and we re-niched the pub as Component Development Strategies. The market again shifted, and components became, well, a component of distributed computing strategy, so we evolved it into Distributed Computing Architecture adding consulting, training and executive education services, plus additional content channels on the topic. DCA then evolved to today’s Enterprise Architecture practice.

And the evolution continues. We’re tweaking the focus of our EA practice – and its name – to put greater emphasis on business architecture. Our Business and Enterprise Architecture practice will include more content and advisory services around data, infrastructure, security, and application architectures, too.

Our other practice areas are also evolving. We’re streamlining the practices so that topics of special interest to CIOs will now be found in our new Business Technology Strategies practice, topics having to do with data –- creating, collecting, analyzing, and managing it, including the social and mobile implications — are included in our Data Integration, BI, and Collaboration practice, and soup-to-nuts Agile (that’s everything from software engineering practices to governance at the enterprise level) will be part of our Agile Product & Project Management practice. The details of the realignment are here, as is an overview of some of the new products and formats we’re adding to the mix. Virtual meetings, book group-style Q&A discussions, and epubs are just a couple of the new ways you can get Access to the Experts!

We’ll be unveiling this makeover soon, beginning with a redesigned Cutter site that simplifies and aligns the navigation with the four practice areas described above. We hope this makes it easier for you to take full advantage of your Cutter connection and leverage your access to the Cutter community of experts!

We welcome your feedback and questions on the refined practice areas, formats, Web conferences, and anything else. Please don’t hesitate to call (781-648-8700) or email (amullaney at cutter dot com) me, or connect with us via Facebook or Twitter.



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