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Oct 182011

The annual Cutter Summit has been evolving over the last few years. It’s never been “conference-as-usual”. It’s always been focused on delivering great ideas from inspiring experts, with the expectation of provoking debate. Candor and sharing have been the hallmark of the Summit. It’s always been a two-way street. We just don’t do talking heads. And we don’t do the product stuff: no vendors giving keynotes or serving on panels, no product showcases or sponsored breaks. The Summit is just true experts and practitioners sharing both the strategies that are working best now and those they see will be important down the road.

About 5 years ago we began incorporating a Harvard Business School case study into our annual North American Summit program. To say “the crowd went wild” isn’t an overstatement. The fast-paced, high energy style of the HBS-trained professors who’ve taught these sessions at the Summit has led the case study to be the top-rated session every year since. Over the last few years, clients started telling us they were looking forward to again attending our spring exec ed program and began asking for more B-school style training. And so, the Summit program continues to evolve. The 2012 program is still 3 days. During the first two days, you’ll experience full-fledged B-school style sessions: keynotes and group exercises run by leading university professors plus the ever-popular, high energy, interactive case study. On the third day, you choose a discipline in which to immerse yourself — Agile management, data analytics, BI, and social networking, business and enterprise architecture, or CIO/CTO issues. Within each of these domains, Cutter’s Practice Directors have designed a rich program that combines roundtable discussions, workshops and exercises.

In all exec ed programs, it is the free time for ad hoc discussion that’s often the icing on the cake. As in the 14 past Summits, there’s plenty of time built in, with long lunches, more food than you can possibly eat at the cocktail party, breaks that encourage conversation, etc. And this year, it will be capped off with open space and dedicated one-on-one time. Come see what Executive Education+ is for yourself, April 2-4, 2012 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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