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Dec 122011

We’re really exciting about “teaming day” at Summit 2012: Executive Education+ (April 2-4). The line-up is amazing. It starts with Alan MacCormack, of Harvard Business School, conducting two exercises (experiments?) on teaming to demonstrate how to make teams more effective and innovative. Yes, he’ll be breaking the group up into teams. But we’re not revealing any more — you’ll have to come and experience it yourself!

Afterwards, Alan’s colleague at HBS, Amy Edmondson will keynote on teaming. Amy was recently named to the 2011 Thinkers50 list. Her presentation will divulge what prevents organizations from learning. Her case study research shows barrier that include interpersonal fear, irrational beliefs about failure, groupthink, problematic power dynamics and information hoarding. Here’s a clip of Amy talking about teams vs. teaming:

During the Cutter Summit, Amy will offer insight into how you as a leader can shape these factors that inhibit teaming to overcome the defensive interpersonal dynamics that prevent the sharing of ideas. Following Amy’s keynote, she’ll participate in a panel session that continues the conversation on teams and teaming. Bring your questions. Put your own case out there for the panel’s advice. (And you can even start the conversation here in the comments!)

We have a couple of great offers out there now. They’ll end at year-end, so be sure to take advantage of them now. The full agenda’s available at Summit 2012: Executive Education+.


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