Dec 172011

Sometimes my favorite thing about the cloud is that it is garnishing all of the media hype these days, in place of SOA. Finally, I can stop trying to meet overblown expectations about when SOA will deliver benefits, and get down to the business of implementing valuable SOA solutions. Don’t worry, the cloud will get to this point too, but it has a few years of growing pains to go through. This year, it will pass through the inevitable “Trough of Disillusionment” part of its lifecycle. Now don’t get me wrong. There’s plenty to like about the cloud, and over time it will become a standard part of enterprise platforms, but for now it has the unenviable position of too much hype that is impossible to live up to.

However, as architects, we shouldn’t get complacent about the eventual (and fairly soon) onslaught of all things cloud. So, make sure you’re ready. Have you already developed criteria that will explain to the business what are acceptable uses of the cloud, and what is outside of your company’s risk profile? Do you have a set of criteria that you can use to evaluate whether a particular cloud solution fits within your enterprise in terms of management, monitoring, DR, integration, semantic models, etc.? I hope so, but if not, now is a good opportunity to do so. Because the trough is only so deep, and soon the cloud will be here, and we will be on/in it.

[Editor’s Note: This post is part of the annual “Cutter Predicts …” series, compiled at the Cutter Consortium website.]


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