Dec 222011

That there’s turbulence for 2012 that will affect business and IT isn’t much in question.  With great economic uncertainties (recession, Europe, elections) and, at the same time, significant changes in IT such as widespread user devices (tablets) and cloud, a lot is in flux. But what will this mean?

From everything we see at clients and in the press, this means a (perhaps uncomfortable) return to basics in IT. That is, we will see great emphasis by CIOs and CTOs on the things that have in the past been very important. This includes, for example:

  • Improving Operational Excellence
  • Understanding IT’s costs and taking action to reduce them
  • Successfully delivering IT value (and projects)
  • Doing effective business-focused IT planning
  • Assuring the availability of suitable talents in the IT organization
  • (Re)building the relationship with business

In short, CIOs and CTOs will be focusing on improving IT’s performance in the tried-and-true areas of IT management activities.

Back to the Future? This prediction, with the same bulleted items, could have been written ten (or maybe twenty) years ago. Oh sure, in 2012 we’ll be overwhelmed with continuing hype about new technologies, the disappearance of the traditional IT organization and/or the CIO, and the wonders of new opportunities (read “BI”, etc.)  These will be factors for some. And perhaps the means for achieving them will have changed for some (e.g., Agile, architecture). But for the largest group of CIOs and CTOs,  2012 will, indeed, be a year of focusing on traditional areas of IT’s performance: Back to the Future.

[Editor’s Note: This post is part of the annual “Cutter Predicts …” series, compiled at the Cutter Consortium website.]


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