Dec 232011

Last year, my prediction focused on the emerging impact of Internet-based mobile technology on the business models in the context of the economic and financial crises. I predicted:

The year of 2011 will most likely be characterized by further innovation and reliability of mobile technology allowing organizations to explore mobility on a much larger scale. Business models and processes are likely to be redesigned to embrace this potential.

The year of 2011 brought clarity about the real causes and trends of the so-called “economic crisis”: surprisingly (or not) globalization, as it consolidates, has triggered what I call a “beneficial leveling of wealth” around the globe. While this leads to “economic crisis” in certain parts of the world, especially in the northern hemisphere, in other parts of the world (especially in the southern hemisphere and Asia) it brought economic growth, better living conditions and opportunities.  This will continue in 2012, and with stronger consequences: organizations that are capable of establishing truly global operating models will prosper; the ones that don’t will suffer and some will disappear. These models are not just about large organizations and companies; they also apply to small businesses. At the heart of it lies a new and emerging specialized remote working culture, coupled with Internet-based mobile technology.

Internet-based mobile technology was, in 2011, at the core of major social and political transformations (not to say revolutions), in different parts of the world. I believe that changes that occurred in 2011 would have never been triggered and undertaken without the presence of this technology, and that they demonstrate the technology’s potential and, above all, its irreversible presence in all dimensions of today’s humanity – not just business. Internet-based mobile technology has become part of us, and the future is that we will not be able to accomplish even our most basic daily activities without it. Can you imagine a useful and attractive mobile phone, laptop, iPod, or even a television without Internet connection? In 2012 practically all electronic devices will be Internet based.

As people progressively learn to explore and mature the use of this technology, the growing impact on business models and collaborative working models will trigger new rules of survival in the new Internet-based global economy. Successful organization will transform accordingly.

In 2012, changes in political systems, environmental concerns and issues, climate change and natural disasters, will all create a focus on emerging priorities and Internet-based technology will play a vital role.

[Editor’s Note: This post is part of the annual “Cutter Predicts …” series, compiled at the Cutter Consortium website.]


Alexandre Rodrigues

Alexandre Rodrigues is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Agile Product Management & Software Engineering Excellence practice.


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