Jan 182012

Wow, I can’t believe that our Summit 2012: Executive Education+ is less than 3 months away! A while ago, I blogged a little about Prof. Amy Edmondson’s keynote on Teaming, which will be preceded by two teaming exercises run by Prof. Alan MacCormack. At the time, we hadn’t yet firmed up the case study portion of our program. But we have since then. We’ve chosen a case that bridges the topic of leadership (which is the focus of Prof. Richard Nolan’s keynote on Monday morning and the debate that follows it) and teaming. As with Alan’s exercises, we’re keeping the title of the case under wraps so there are no preconceived notions of the outcomes! I will tell you, though, that the case will be taught by its author, Prof. Michael Roberto.

Michael Roberto is the Trustee Professor of Management at Bryant University in Rhode Island. He joined the faculty at Bryant after six years as a faculty member at Harvard Business School. You can get a taste of his energy and enthusiasm as well as the impact he has on students – and you’ll be one at the Summit — in this short video in which he talks about teaching at Bryant.

The topics of leadership and teaming go hand in glove. And when you couple that with presentations by current and former Harvard Business School Professors who know one another, the synergy is especially powerful! Our best offers are expiring on Monday, so if you’re considering joining us at the Summit, now’s the time to register!


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