Mar 212012

In IT circles, ITIL projects induce feelings of both love and hate. While the IT landscape has many successful ITIL implementations, that landscape is also littered with cost overruns, frustrated IT staff that couldn’t focus on immediate customer demands, and dissatisfied end users whose business “technology” needs were put on hold pending completion of the ITIL projects.

The June 2012 Cutter IT Journal with Guest Editor Bill Keyworth, seeks to identify how ITIL can be used effectively to satisfy the customer goals of IT service management and how IT operations can balance the conflicting demands of IT process and business needs.

Please send us your ideas – proposals of interest are due 6 April 2012.

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  One Response to “ITIL: Handicap, Booster or Poison for IT Operational Excellence?”

  1. Christine,

    very much hinges on the term “operational exelence” because if you mean an organised, mature and stable organisation with it ITIL will in its nature get many bonus points, but if you define “operational exelence” as flexibility, adoptability and as agile ITIL has a hard time. Since both positions are exclusive I am affraid that by just asking for “operational exelence” you will always be right and wrong at the same time!

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