Jun 262012

We’re studying how IT budgeting is changing, where the dollars are being spent, the effect of the economic climate on the budget, and more. This is the 7th year we’re conducting this research. Why? So you can get a deeper understanding of where things are trending and how this might affect your organization. Your input will help! As Cutter Senior Consultant Gabe Piccoli wrote in his analysis of last year’s data:

Each year IT managers and business professionals carefully plan for the unknowns of the next fiscal cycle, balancing often disparate needs into a budget that will hopefully serve their organizations well as they move forward. At the heart of the challenge facing IT managers each year is the question of whether to spend money on innovative new projects that could yield great results in the future or, instead, on the maintenance of existing technology processes and equipment. Equally important are the issues surrounding sustainable strategies that can be used in both the immediate and long terms to effect reliable growth. The attitudes and beliefs of the managers who make these decisions are incredibly important, and seeing the way they evolve over time is very instructive and enlightening for all.

Please participate in our survey, and then download a complimentary copy of the Cutter Benchmark Review in which we analyzed the results of last year’s survey. Thanks!


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