Aug 012012

Is there something intrinsically incompatible between Agile and CMMI that will forever keep this conversation burning? This always heated debate hasn’t lost its steam yet. But maybe it should. Instead of focusing on “why or why not” – let’s focus instead on “how” Agile and CMMI can work together to effect successful software projects.

The upcoming Cutter IT Journal with Guest Editor Hillel Glazer seeks practical advice and insight on how to improve the understanding and compatibility between Agile and CMMI. How can Agile or CMMI as products and services — provided via training or education — contribute to fanning or resolving the conversation?

Or is there a viable reason they should part ways? Let us know.

Proposals of interest are due 17 August 2012.

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  2 Responses to “Agile vs CMMI: Or can they co-exist?”

  1. Christine,

    Given that CMMI is often more pretense (see CIMM at Wikipedia if like irony) than reality and agile is quite solid you may argue the point in an academic way or even try to certify the way agile is done at your organisation such as with Scrum as a process and certify that with a CMMI level.

    However I do not think that it is of any pragmatic use to join a grassroot movement such as agile with a TQM thought process like CMMI that is usually used mainly by Top down management approaches. I think there will always be a top down and a grassroot movement that in themselve need to be different to esure a living enterprise.
    So I see CMMI for maturity and cost reduction on one side and agile for inovation on the other side as two sides of a healty Ecosystem. Combining both will rob the enterprise of inovation.

    Best regards


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      Hi Cay — thanks so much for your interesting perspective on Agile vs. CMMI. Would you consider writing an article for our upcoming issue of Cutter IT Journal? The deadline for article ideas is this Friday, August 17th — hope you’ll join the conversation!
      — Chris

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