Aug 012012

August has officially arrived, which means the annual Agile conference is just two short weeks away. Whether you’re doing Agile, thinking about doing Agile, or are a leading Agile thinker, you’re aware of this event. This year’s conference, Agile2012, is headed to Dallas, Texas. The weather promises to be about 100°, so don’t forget to bring your hat and sun block (under 3.4 ounces if you’re carrying on)!

I’m pleased to report that eight members of the Cutter Consortium Agile team are presenting at Agile2012. Led by Dr. Israel Gat, Director of our Agile Practice, Cutter’s team is ready to help you make the most of your Agile2012 experience.

Dr. Gat’s “No Bull Know How” session on culture change will get you thinking about the right ways to go about culture change in your organization. Have questions for Dr. Gat now? Submit them below and he will address them in his session.

Here are some of the other must-see presentations from the Cutter bench:

Plus, the session Distributed Agile in the Enterprise and Virtual Spaces is a case study that has its genesis in a Cutter client engagement.

Finally, since it’s nearly impossible to connect with everyone you want to see at the Agile conference, we’re extending to you this opportunity to schedule a one-on-one conversation with a member(s) of our Agile team during or after the conference. Send us an email, or leave us a note in the comments field below and we’ll arrange for you to meet with the Cutter expert of your choice while you’re there. I hope you enjoy the conference!


Kara Letourneau

Kara Letourneau is a Group Publisher with Cutter Consortium.


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