Nov 272012

2013 is the year when a major re-thinking of business technology strategy — organized around the power of emerging technology — will begin. The re-thinking will be driven by the rapid deployability of emerging technologies like cloud computing, social business intelligence, mobility, location-enabled services and big data analytics. The time-to-technology-deployment is shrinking — fast: companies will dramatically accelerate their adoption of emerging technologies — especially due to cloud delivery — and redefine their business models and processes around the capabilities of the new technologies. Examples include location-enabled services for cross-selling and up-selling, social business intelligence for corporate crisis warning and management, big data analytics for slicing customer profiling and performance — in real time — and the wholesale withdrawal from internal infrastructure support (in favor of widespread infrastructure-as-a-service [IAAS] delivery).  Companies will supercharge their mobility applications development/deployment efforts and dramatically reduce their use of PCs replacing them — almost overnight — with tablets and smart phones: the percentage of business processes migrating to mobile devices will exceed 50% by 2015.  Emerging technologies will enable whole new — and redefine old — business models and processes at an unprecedented pace.

[Editor’s Note: This post is part of the annual “Cutter Predicts …” series.]


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