Dec 022012

Here’s the bad news:

  1. As more and more moves to the cloud, expect more security breaches. We do way too much in security theater now. My merchant account provider makes me change my secure password every x days no matter where I am, even if I am in a hotel, on not-so-secure public network. Security theater. This will only get worse.
  2. More and more organizations will jump on the water-scrum-fall bandwagon. Oh, they will claim they are doing agile, but they are not. The more they are addicted to their enterprise architects, their lack of project dashboards, their tracking of project hours, and their need to predict project cost so they can manage the project portfolio, the more this will happen.

Now, for the good news:

  1. There are organizations out there that will learn to hire for culture. Hint: It’s not about tools and technology. They will hire the real best and brightest.
  2. There are organizations out there that will create cultures with enough transparency and openness that they will successfully transition to some variety of agile or lean. They will start pushing out more products or systems than they would have thought possible.
  3. There are enough organizations out there that will make the difficult decisions at the most responsible moment that they will find the hard-to-achieve balance between too many projects in the project portfolio and just enough projects staffed for now.

Which side of the prediction news will you be on? I’ll be helping the people who want to be on the good news side. Please join us. The other side is too depressing.


  One Response to “Culture, Culture, Culture”

  1. The good news is, more and more people follow in Johanna’s footsteps, helping people who want to be on the good news side. The bad news is, the inertia we’re fighting, and the overall leadership deficit, are daunting. I’m hopeful though!

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