Dec 202012

How appropriate it is that on the eve of Christmas and New Year we add a consultant of the caliber of Professor Giancarlo Succi to Cutter’s Agile practice!

Over the past couple of years the Agile practice has expanded its core expertise in software methods to include just about any aspect of software engineering that Cutter clients have interest in. We added consultants with deep expertise in Lean/Kanban, system engineering, complexity theory, devops and technical debt. We carry out technical due diligence and code audit engagements. And, in accord with Marc Andreessen’s quip “Software is eating the world,” various engagements evolve over time to address strategic aspects of product development. The recently published research report Introducing the API Economy: A Dialog  is indicative of the path we are taking toward fully integrating software in the overall process fabric of our clients.

Professor Succi adds both breadth and depth to the research, analysis and consulting outlined above. Expect him to contribute not “only” to Agile methodologies, but to experimental software engineering, open source development, software reuse and software engineering over the Internet. Moreover, expect him to carry out his Cutter  research, analysis and consulting with the same rigor that characterizes his prolific academic work.

Professor Succi will soon start sharing his expertise, ideas and insights through the various forms Cutter uses to communicate with its clients such as Executive Reports, Executive Summaries and Advisors. Moreover, we will soon hold a webinar with Professor Succi to enable clients and prospects to get to know him and be known to him.

I am delighted that Professor Succi chose to be one of us. Please join me in welcoming him aboard.






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