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Where is IT headed these days? With technology at the core of everything we do, and “traditional web” software moving on to mobile devices faster than one can say “mobile”, does this make the need for a fully-staffed IT department less critical? What is/will be the role of IT in our technology-driven era? How will IT attain a cross-departmental competitive edge?

One prediction is that the typical in-house IT department will go up in the value chain, combining its expertise with the domain expertise of the CMO, COO, CFO, etc. IT will no longer be heads-down, technology- and operations-only focused, but will be collaborating with the business side at a higher level than currently being performed to help various departments make sound technology decisions in conjunction with a new breed of service providers.

Another direction IT could take is governing the contractual performance of an Amazon AWS-type service. For example, IT will no longer be fork-lifting a server to (say) replace it with a bigger server. Rather, IT will primarily be developing the contracts with, and supervising the overall performance and service level agreements of those (at, say AWS) who will be doing the actual fork-lifting, or its metaphorical provisioning equivalent.

In other words, the current IT professional might be headed in a few different directions. One might be to remain in a development/operations capacity, another might be in a management/technology/business decision-making role, while another might be in a more consultative capacity.

Or is there another direction IT will take? An upcoming issue of Cutter IT Journal with Guest Editor Israel Gat will provide insight into the future of IT and its new role in the enterprise.

Topics may include (but are not limited to the following):

* Are we moving towards an enterprise IT-as-a-Service model?
* How can IT sustain its competitive edge in the coming years?
* Will IT remain part of a centralized IT department, or be spread out to the various business units?
* In what way(s) is the IT budget likely to change?
* What new technologies/services will determine the role of the IT professional?
* How will the role of the IT manager/developer/programmer change?
* What can an IT professional do now to prepare for the changes ahead?
* Is a shift towards mega data centers preordained?
* Will we see an increase in domestic outsourcing and reshoring?


Please respond to Christine Generali, cgenerali[at]cutter[dot]com no later than 10 May 2013 and include an extended abstract and a short article outline showing major discussion points.

Accepted articles are due by 14 June 2013.

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  2 Responses to “Is IT Relevant Anymore?”

  1. Here is a just published article on how dramatically the lay of the land for IT is changing: http://qz.com/78935/amazon-enterprise-cloud-computing/ As you will read in the article, the key message – “Amazon is going to do to enterprise cloud companies exactly what it did to book stores” – is not quite what folks at EMC/VMware would like to hear, let alone accept.What are the implications for you as an IT professional?!


  2. IT is definitely going through some changes and I think it will continue as long as the cloud continues to grow importance.

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